01 May 2012

a peek into my week: 01.05.12

What I'm doing: Making almond milk. Organisation is key here, to make sure there is plenty of time to soak the nuts before we run out completely and Noah makes his sad face. Technical reason: soaking releases the toxic enzyme inhibitors that work to stop the sprouting process until conditions are ideal, plus it makes the nutrients more digestible. Translation: less toxins for your body to get rid of and more bang for your buck nutrient-wise.

A post outlining this entire milk-making process is in our future. Stay tuned.

What I'm reading:

It's a big one but I am (slowly) making my way through it. Whoever said that having children leaves little time for leisurely activities was most certainly not kidding. I'll report back with my findings sometime in 2015.

What I'm drinking: Yep the green drinks are still going strong, but I'm finding my enthusiasm wavering with this cold weather. I can't imagine there is a (pleasant-tasting) warmer alternative so I suppose I will have to soldier on and start to follow up with a herbal tea chaser.

What I'm eating: My current kitchen inspiration (obsession) has manifested from this amazing cookbook. I suggest you do yourself a favour and  have a look-see.

Tonight's dinner was Yoghurt flatbreads with barley and mushoom ragout. It. Was. Amazing.

What I'm wearing: I'm still not sure that I should be telling you this. In my possession I now have my very own beanie-with-ears. I'm pretty sure the electrician at our place today thought I was a little bit loopy while I was wearing it, but I promise you that I have no intention of ever leaving the house in this getup*. Thank you Sportsgirl for making my dreams come true.

*Promise may or may not be kept.

What I'm watching: The cutest little friendship blossoming. Noah is utterly obsessed with throwing things (thanks for that one Rob). Scout is utterly obsessed with catching things. It's a match made in heaven.


  1. Is the flatbread recipe from Plenty? Looks INCREDIBLE!

    1. Sure is. There is so much I want to make from it!