22 May 2012

my food: weeknight dinners

So I got a little bit excited on the weekend when I bought Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar Cookbook. There are so many recipes that I want to try and not enough time! I haven't done her 8-week I Quit Sugar plan yet as I'm not sure I'm keen on the idea of limiting fruit (and I haven't read the e-book yet so can't decide whether or not I should until I know more details), but the cookbook is totally up my alley - how delicious do these Avocado and Coconut water popsicles look?!

They're on my to-do list for later in the week once my rock-hard avos have softened up. In the meantime, I made her sweet potato soup. It passed the taste-test by Rob, who doesn't particularly like sweet potatoes, and I loved it because potatoes and lentils are just some of my favourite things.

My cooking approach tonight was a slightly different story. I'd lost my mojo by mid-afternoon so all I was up for come dinnertime was a tried-and-true staple. Since I already had some brown rice soaking I made fried rice with free-range and nitrite-free bacon (this is the only bacon I use, otherwise I just omit it), organic eggs, spring onions, peas, corn and tamari. Delish. It hit the spot.

I'm going to have another flick through the cookbook for some more dinner inspiration and I'll be sure to let you know how those popsicles turn out!

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