15 May 2012

my food: getting creative with nut pulp

Wasting food is one of my biggest pet peeves. After going out of my way to make sure we always get great quality produce, I hate seeing any of it end up in the bin. Waste not, want not and all that. So since nut milk has become a staple in our household, I've had to get creative with what to do with all of the leftover pulp. As I mentioned in this post, I am loving the site almondpulp.com. I'm pret-ty keen to try out the macaroon balls and spelt bread, but I've mostly been using it as a skin exfoliant (extremely effective) or adding it to our smoothies (extremely delicious). One recipe I am loving is the raw hummus from My New Roots. Trust me when I say that it's finger-lickin' good.



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