09 May 2012

my life: 09.05.12

Sometimes I like to be a bit whacky. I'm really into stones and crystals at the moment (don't worry, not in a crazy Spencer Pratt kinda way!) for the good vibes and positive energy. We can all do with a some of that, can't we? Hey, even if you're sceptical of the powers of an inanimate object, it can't hurt right? Plus they look so pretty! 
I picked up a Selenite stone, which brings calmness and clarity, and Moonstone for good fortune. 

my fashion: It seems like the seasons are all a little bit confused, and I'm OK with that. Three weeks away from Winter and I'm rocking denim shorts like they're going out of fashion (which will never happen). Cape by Alice in the Eve, singlet is a cheapie from Cotton On, bag by Miu Miu and shorts are by (who else?) One Teaspoon.

my food: Sometimes I feel like I am constantly cooking. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that Noah is constantly eating. Today was no different and I hate to buy packaged food for him so that means that while he sleeps, I bake. I love this recipe for a sugarless banana cake from Jude Blereau's book Wholefood. It is so much tastier than it sounds. Anyone who has tried it has asked for the recipe, so I think that's a pretty good sign!

my family: We spent the afternoon with the G-parents. A trip to the shops gave Noah the chance to help some potential new friends with some of life's difficult decisions.

In case you were wondering, he recommends Mentos.

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