30 March 2012

try and buy, invested and tested.

So many good things came home with me from the Choose Life launch and I was most excited to test my strength (for want of a better word) with the Cococut
Verdict: a success! I had to watch a pretty funny demo video first to figure out how to use it (watch it here, it'll totally bring the LOLs). It requires a bit of elbow grease to crack it open (two of us twisting together at first!) but once I got the hang of it I was opening coconuts solo. It leaves you with a decent-sized hole making it much easier to scoop out the flesh.

For breakfast we made Sweet Corn Fritters with mushrooms, spinach and tomato, from The Healthy Chef's cookbook. I ended up altering the recipe a little as we didn't have every ingredient and I like to use whole eggs, not just the whites. Result? They were ah-mazing! (Hint: make sure you use plenty of corn. The sweetness and crunch-factor is the best part!) 

I topped it off with a dollop of home-made basil pesto which I made with the last of the basil in our garden before it dies off from the winter frost. 

It is super-easy to whip up: blend one or two bunches of basil with a handful of pine nuts or cashews (I used a mix as I didn't have enough of either), olive oil, a large chunk of parmesan and a clove of garlic. Here's the result:

And what better way to end a rather food-oriented day than with some of Loving Earth's luvju mint & a.f.a raw organic chocolate.

AFA is the ultimate green superfood and raw chocolate has all of its nutrients and enzymes intact so they are quickly and easily absorbed by your body - you couldn't feel anything but virtuous after having one of these! Seriously try one. You can thank me later.

29 March 2012

health, wellness and happiness.

Tonight I went to the launch party of a friends new online health shop Choose Life!. The food was absolutely delish and right up my alley - think brown rice balls, spinach tarts, raw chocolate cake and coconut smoothies (some of it was provided by The Healthy Chef and Iku Wholefood). 

It was a great opportunity to talk all things health and wellness while testing out some great products. I finally picked up a Cococut opener for my coconut addiction. Pretty sure Rob will be happy that he'll no longer find his drill in our pantry!

I also bought an Environmental toothbrush for Noah (as used by Miranda Kerr for her son Flynn!). They're made from biodegradable and environmentally sustainable bamboo, so instead of ending up in landfill you bury it in the garden! 

Now this is my kind of product. We go through 30 million toothbrushes in Australia alone every year, and the plastic they're made of wont break down in our lifetime, or the lifetime of our children. Just think about that for a minute...

The highlight for me was winning Teresa Cutter's cookbook in the door prize giveaway. 

I love pretty much everything on the menu at her Avalon cafe and it has been sold out there for ages. I'm planning to get stuck into a recipe or two over the weekend. 

28 March 2012

my life 28.03.12

A peek into my world on a Wednesday. After waking up a little weary-eyed due to a certain babies night-time antics (I blame teething!), we started our day at a much slower pace than usual.

my food: Each morning in our house starts much the same. Hot water with lemon for me and Noah (great for detoxification and boosts immunity, plus he absolutely loves it!) and a coffee for Rob, followed by a green smoothie for all.  (Click here to read a fantastic post on why green smoothies are such a great addition to any diet). We've kept this routine up for awhile now, so I'm happy that Noah knows no different. He gets so excited whenever he sees me using the blender! 

Breakfast is always porridge, sweetened with whatever fruit we have on hand. Today's was made with dates, ground flaxseed and chopped walnuts, loosely based on one of Heidi Swanson's recipes from her cookbook Super Natural Every Day (which is an amazing cookbook, in case you were wondering).

Next we hit up the Organic Food Network to stock up on groceries.

For anyone on Sydney's Northern Beaches, this place is the bomb! Plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, plus a huge range of grocery items. They are at the Frenchs Forest Organic Markets every Sunday, and are open at their warehouse in Brookvale during the week as well. They also do home delivery which is ridiculously handy when I can get organised enough to place an order! 

my fashion: What's a better pick-me-up than bright turquoise jeans? (Answer: nothing!). Add my favourite blue Aragonite necklace (the stone is said to ease stress levels)  and the most comfortable Bonds unisex tee.

my family: After a busy morning, Noah couldn't wait any longer for a nap. At least one of us managed to catch up on some shut-eye! Our day was rather uneventful after that.

27 March 2012

my life bohemian

my life bohemian is my reality. It is my days spent as a mum to my one-year old boy Noah and dog Scout, and wife to my husband Rob. It is my love of food, fashion and family. It is my way of living a somewhat alternative lifestyle in a modern world. Welcome to my journey!

My baby boy Noah

Noah and Rob

Scout and her sidekick

Noah and me on his 1st birthday