20 May 2012

my food: feeding the toddler edition

I'm constantly trying to think of new things to feed Noah. He gets bored of having the same food so quickly - one day something is a hit, and then the next he flicks the bowl away in disgust. This conundrum was made all the more difficult over the past week while we weren't at home, so I had to come up with a few thrifty ideas that surprisingly worked. Case in point:

Chickpeas - the wonder snack. Who would've thought?! A fibre and protein hit in one - winning! Once I caught wind of this little gem I was keen to take advantage, so our first meal back at home was the chickpea stew from Super Natural Every Day.

Once again, surprisingly, it was a hit! As always when I try a new recipe, I was worried that he wasn't going to like it and I'd be stuck with the leftovers for a week. In this case, we were lucky that there was any to spare. Success for now, but I won't rest on my laurels just yet. Who knows what's going to pass the test tomorrow?


  1. Hey em, Great post. Where do you get your chickpeas from? Do you use dried or canned? I am not giving enough to Pia as I am scared of canned foods now(hahah) and the dried ones seem like a little effort... Please give me a push! Thanks!

    1. Cass, I buy dried chickpeas in bulk and cook a big batch of them then freeze them in smaller batches. Not such an effort when you do it that way! Although when we were away I had no choice but to use canned. Am sure small doses wouldn't hurt!

    2. GOod idea on the bulk thing. Bought some dried today so will get stuck into a batch tomoro. x Great to see you today! xo