14 May 2012

my life: the weekend breakfast edition

One thing we love to do on a weekend is go out for breakfast. It is the best meal of the day after all, and I love being inspired to try new recipes at home after a great meal at a cafe. One of our favourite places to go at the moment is Armchair Collective.

A cafe with an inbuilt homewares shop is my kinda cafe. The fact that the food is rather delightful as well earns major bonus points. I'm a big fan of the Sonoma fruit toast or the granola, and Rob likes to get the spicy scrambled eggs. My order always includes a Chai latte made with tea leaves, which has way more kick than your standard sugary-syrup variety.

My sister and I have given it the nickname of Chai-POW since it tends to be on the strong side - but that's how I like it! I managed to recreate the POW taste at home with Healing Concepts Mother Earth Chai which I got from my friends online shop.

I make it using either home-made almond milk or rice milk. Before you try it I feel like I should warn you: it's addictive!
Rob and Noah on the way to breakfast.

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