27 June 2013

my food: bread winner

Obviously I'm no stranger to the odd culture or ferment residing in the depths of my pantry, so it was only a matter of time before this happened:

Bread-making has never really been my thing. All that kneading, proving and knocking down just seemed like a bit too much effort and dedication. But my penchant for a fresh loaf slathered in cultured butter (combined with the fact that there is no decent bakery near me!) means desperate times...

My Thermomix has been the catalyst. It does it all for you which makes it too easy. So now that I'm armed with all the tools at my disposal, I have a date with my oven this weekend.

I'll report back with my results shortly. In the meantime, watch out Sonoma.

18 June 2013

reality bites

So I poured some kombucha into a wine glass on Friday night and Rob told me that I had officially lost it. I don't know when this healthy lifestyle went from being a labour of love to an all-out obsession, but it has definitely happened. Our reality is this:

Noah thinks kefir is yoghurt (hey, close enough!), and as a "treat" he puts goji berries on it. To him, cacao nibs are chocolate chips and chia seeds are sprinkles. Our dessert tonight was "chocolate pudding" made from avocado, banana, cacao and maple syrup. Noah thought it was Christmas, so you can call me Santa.

We've made a game of swallowing fermented cod liver oil tablets without chewing them (it was the only way I figured he would take it and hey, it worked!). I don't want to think of the reaction if he ever accidentally bites into one of those - even I'm not game enough to take it straight!

With his tablet chaser of choice: kombucha.

Each morning, our green smoothie leftovers go into icy-pole moulds. These have proven particularly popular since I started adding Vital Greens powder into them.

As you can see, Harry just wishes he was eating solids already. Your time will come, my friend.

I seriously get excited when I think of all the good things these foods are giving his body - at the moment he hardly ever gets sick. Um,  #winning ! So far the one thing that I just can't win him over with is broccoli. We even call them magic trees and still no interest. Zilch. Ah well, you can't win them all!

And so much for being the crazy one in the family - I couldn't believe my eyes when Rob poured himself a glass of kombucha (instead of a beer, no less!) as he relaxed on the couch on Sunday afternoon. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?