23 April 2012

my life: 20.04.12

The world is a better place on a Friday. Everyone is so much happier with the weekend looming, myself included. This is how we spent it.

my food: Breakfast is hands-down the best meal of the day. I love it so much I could eat it for every meal, and sometimes I actually do. I'm not talking the ol' Cheerios and toast variety though. Nuh-uh. It has to include the good stuff, and yes, I mean vegetables. Luckily I'm more than partial to a green smoothie, so I can focus (a lot) of my attention on the porridge or muesli side of things. Or both.

Just kidding this wasn't all for me, although I kinda wish it was. These tasty dishes were once again thanks to The Healthy Chef. Slight obsession, yes, but I haven't found many other places like this that are equal parts healthy and delicious. I really do hope more café's adopt a like-minded approach to their menus much sooner rather than later: more fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies, less sugar-laden meals and a focus on whole foods.

my family: As you can see, it was a sisterly affair. We like to keep it real.

my fashion: I've said it before and I'll say it again: these days I like to keep it extremely simple, if only because of the fact that it will most likely be covered in multiple foodstuffs before 10am. Today that consisted of One Teaspoon high-waisted shorts, a Sportsgirl top and House of Harlow bangle. Noah was feeling all sorts of preppy that morning (call it mother's intuition) which called for a striped top and white shorts, both by Purebaby and Walnut canvas shoes. Adorbs.

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  1. I love it how you just know what Noah likes to wear, it's amazingly intuitive! All of our baby boy preppy clothes dreams are becoming reality!
    I love the Friday feeling! Bring on this weekend xx