11 April 2012

my fashion: the winter chill edition 11.04.12

Well winter came along quickly, didn't it?! Just quietly, I was kind of excited to get all rugged up today - it's always a bit of a novelty at the beginning of the season. I know how quickly this enthusiasm for the cooler weather will pass, so I took full advantage and dressed myself (and more importantly my little man-doll Noah) in our (my) favourite winter threads.

Now that he is a full-grown toddler, I have expanded his wardrobe beyond boy-leggings (surprisingly adorable) to include such novelties as puffer vests and Proper Shoes. Yes, this boy has new kicks. I couldn't help but get a little over-excited in the children's section of DJs. Exhibit A:

I'm well aware that shoelaces are thoroughly impractical but I mean, come on... they had me at hi-tops.

As for myself, well this is where it starts to become a little less exciting.

Nothing screams fashion more than an entirely machine-washable outfit (shoes included - if you focus your attention on the beetroot stain on my white Converse). I do love this jumper though. Alice in the Eve at General Pants - big fan.

A little luxury comes in the form of my trusty miu miu (nappy) bag. Who would've thought that oversized bags had a use beyond making you look like a long-lost Olsen twin?

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