19 April 2012

inspiration street: the wellness warrior

Is it weird to be so truly happy for and proud of someone you don't know? Because that is how I feel about Jessica Ainscough aka The Wellness Warrior. Now to be fair, I do kind of know her. We used to work on the same level back in my magazine days - she worked at Dolly and I worked at Cleo, so we would cross paths and say "hi" in the kitchen. I heard her story through the grapevine, and continued to follow her journey on her blog long after we had both left the building.

So why the warm fuzzies all of a sudden? Because this past weekend she finished two years of intese detoxification and nutritional treatment for an aggressive form of cancer that was supposed to take her left arm, and then her life. We're talking daily juicing and enemas, plus plenty of supplements and castor oil shots. She did this instead of undergoing an amputation, radiation and chemo as advised by traditional doctors, and survived. Her story is rather controversial and truly inspirational, and I have learnt so much from her and her blog. She has taken complete control of her health and is living proof (albeit an extreme one!) of the success that an holistic approach can have.

But lets get back to basics. We don't all spend each and every day with the top priority of fighting disease, but we can all learn something from those who do. I emailed this link to Rob one day and when he came home he threw out our microwave. Whenever the sun is out, so are we. And when one of us is sick, I try to figure out why. The little things can make a big difference. Each and every day let's make them count, because who knows how many of them we have. 

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  1. I don't think it's weird... I've been following Jess since her visit to the Gerson - it's so nice to find inspiring people!
    Meanwhile, I've been trying to get rid of our microwave since we bought our place! I am going to dump it tonight for sure : )