27 April 2012

amber is the answer

When Noah was about three months old, the number of "Isn't she pretty?" compliments thrown our way increased about ten-fold. I knew it wasn't just because of his ridiculously long eyelashes or the fact that he was often dressed in leggings and fluffy booties. My guess is that it had something to do with the beads hanging around his neck in the form of an amber teething necklace. As a natural analgesic, Baltic amber is known for it's healing and anti-inflammatory properties, so it was a no-brainer when he needed some pain relief. It's not exactly breaking news when I say that I'm all for natural alternatives, and anything that is going to reduce the use of medicinal pain relief will always be my first port of call. There will always be sceptics but I can honestly say that I don't doubt their effectiveness in the slightest.

Nikolai, Noah and their necklaces

And hey, if it's good enough for Miranda Kerr...

Credit: Splash


  1. Love your blog Emily!

    My little boy Oscar (6 1/2 mths) has been wearing his now for nearly a month and it has without a doubt made a huge difference....even the dribble has decreased. I have been recommending to all my friends with bubs.

    1. Thanks Lisa, I'm a big fan of your blog too! Would you believe that today I saw that Noah has three of his molars come through in the past week and I didn't even notice. He has been super clingy but none of the sleepless nights I've been expecting. There is no doubt in my mind that these necklaces work!