19 April 2012

my food: the nut milk edition

Today's glass of goodness is brought to you courtesy of a bowl of activated cashew nuts, some H2O and the humble date. Is there nothing that this sweet ball of goodness can't do?

My dairy milk-loving days are over, and now it's my nut milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard.

And by boys, I mean boy. And by yard, I mean kitchen.


  1. hahah! I love this! YUM! So is Noah still breast feeding all day long? P isnt and not sure about the milk thing? hmmmmmm have been giving home made cocnut milk with brekky and some raw goats milk on the odd day or 2... What do you think mother hen??? To start milking or to not start milking? that is the question!

  2. Do you put water in with the cashews & dates Em?
    Re the comment from Cassandra above - the China Study had a great section (in the diabetes chapter I think?) about cows milk and little ones. It's worth a read for sure.
    Happy Friday! xx

  3. Cass, Noah still breastfeeds three times a day - morning, before sleep and night. I doubt that he will wean before he is two so I haven't read a lot about milk substitutes. I think what you are doing sounds great. And I'm sure you are making sure Pia gets plenty of nutrients in her food!
    Em, I did put some water in, so I'll add it into the post x

  4. Do you think it would be successful to do in a shitty blander? I want to try this one for a while now but scared to waste all the ingredients.. Is yours very smooth just like a milk?

  5. Em and Cass, the reference to cows milk and babies in The China Study is in the Autoimmune Disease chapter. It is so interesting!
    Yulia, you will probably need to strain the milk if you aren't using a high-powered blender. Mine was completely smooth from the Vitamix so I didn't need to, but if I was using a different nut then I would've strained it.