02 July 2012

it all makes sense now...

Ok, ok. I know I have been super slack with the blog posts of late. And yes, I do have the ultimate excuse. If you'll give me the benefit of the doubt, I will explain. You see, the past few weeks have been rather trying, and not just due to a few bouts of illness and my penchant for hibernation in cold weather. It's because of much more than that. Let me show you:

Yes my friends, I am well and truly up the duff and have been silently suffering from who-the-hell-called-it-morning-because-it-is-24-hour sickness for the past few weeks. I'll be honest here, it hasn't been pretty. Think of waking up in the middle of the night to throw up, and a constant supply of oranges by the bed to lift my blood sugar level when needed, and you get the drift. Although I do feel like I'm coming out of it (to a degree), the constant tiredness has led to more than just a new bedtime - my cooking mojo has pretty much vanished, as well as my will to leave the house. So not only were my waking hours substantially shorter, but I also wasn't doing anything interesting enough to blog about.

But that's enough of the excuses. I do hope you'll forgive me, and know that I have every intention of regaining my momentum in the coming weeks - if only because of the fact that I think we're all getting sick of sandwiches for dinner and wearing summer clothes in winter (washing has been way down on my to-do list).

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