18 June 2012

my food: sweet treats

I think I can feel my cooking mojo coming back. Finally! After a few weeks off where I took it real easy, I had a super-productive day in the kitchen. Naturally, the first thing I had to make was some of my favourite raw brownies, and since the food processor was out I also made a batch of powerballs which I find just as addictive!

They are such a great snack for kids. Seriously, if Noah didn't dig them then I wouldn't have to make a new batch every week or so! I also had a hankering for some pancakes, so it was the perfect opportunity to try out this recipe for a buckwheat version from the Gaia Retreat website.

Now I know buckwheat doesn't sound like a particularly tasty ingredient (especially compared to other such delicacies as plain white flour and icing sugar) but thy were surprisingly delicious! This is how they turned out before I slathered them in maple syrup and sliced banana - they looked way too appetising after that so I didn't actually manage to get a photo before I demolished the entire plate. My bad... but you get the drift!

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