30 March 2012

try and buy, invested and tested.

So many good things came home with me from the Choose Life launch and I was most excited to test my strength (for want of a better word) with the Cococut
Verdict: a success! I had to watch a pretty funny demo video first to figure out how to use it (watch it here, it'll totally bring the LOLs). It requires a bit of elbow grease to crack it open (two of us twisting together at first!) but once I got the hang of it I was opening coconuts solo. It leaves you with a decent-sized hole making it much easier to scoop out the flesh.

For breakfast we made Sweet Corn Fritters with mushrooms, spinach and tomato, from The Healthy Chef's cookbook. I ended up altering the recipe a little as we didn't have every ingredient and I like to use whole eggs, not just the whites. Result? They were ah-mazing! (Hint: make sure you use plenty of corn. The sweetness and crunch-factor is the best part!) 

I topped it off with a dollop of home-made basil pesto which I made with the last of the basil in our garden before it dies off from the winter frost. 

It is super-easy to whip up: blend one or two bunches of basil with a handful of pine nuts or cashews (I used a mix as I didn't have enough of either), olive oil, a large chunk of parmesan and a clove of garlic. Here's the result:

And what better way to end a rather food-oriented day than with some of Loving Earth's luvju mint & a.f.a raw organic chocolate.

AFA is the ultimate green superfood and raw chocolate has all of its nutrients and enzymes intact so they are quickly and easily absorbed by your body - you couldn't feel anything but virtuous after having one of these! Seriously try one. You can thank me later.

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