29 March 2012

health, wellness and happiness.

Tonight I went to the launch party of a friends new online health shop Choose Life!. The food was absolutely delish and right up my alley - think brown rice balls, spinach tarts, raw chocolate cake and coconut smoothies (some of it was provided by The Healthy Chef and Iku Wholefood). 

It was a great opportunity to talk all things health and wellness while testing out some great products. I finally picked up a Cococut opener for my coconut addiction. Pretty sure Rob will be happy that he'll no longer find his drill in our pantry!

I also bought an Environmental toothbrush for Noah (as used by Miranda Kerr for her son Flynn!). They're made from biodegradable and environmentally sustainable bamboo, so instead of ending up in landfill you bury it in the garden! 

Now this is my kind of product. We go through 30 million toothbrushes in Australia alone every year, and the plastic they're made of wont break down in our lifetime, or the lifetime of our children. Just think about that for a minute...

The highlight for me was winning Teresa Cutter's cookbook in the door prize giveaway. 

I love pretty much everything on the menu at her Avalon cafe and it has been sold out there for ages. I'm planning to get stuck into a recipe or two over the weekend. 

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