27 February 2013

a peek into my week 27.02.2013

what I'm doing: Hanging with these boys. Yes I'm surrounded by testosterone but I kinda like it. For now. Not really looking forward to footy season in a few years time though, that's for damn sure.

what I'm eating: A whole lot of anything and everything! Breastfeeding will do that to you. High up on the (very long) list is the life-changing loaf of bread from one of my all-time fave food blogs My New Roots. Because it really is (life-changing, that is). And so easy to make. I've needed a super simple recipe like this in my life for awhile now - sometimes the idea of making bread can all seem just a bit too hard, but this one's a cinch. Plus it's super tasty and packed full of goodness. I doubt you need more convincing.

What else is on high rotation I hear you ask? Why, nothing other than some good ol' nut butter-stuffed dates. They are THE BOMB. Must be tasted to be believed. And then you can thank me.

A date with stuffed dates. Heaven.

what I'm drinking: This coming Monday I'm starting a four-day Lucky You juice cleanse: because three days seemed a bit short but five days too much (for now). I need a bit of a boost since I've been feeling less than chipper for a few weeks (I guess two pregnancies, two years of breastfeeding and now running around after two kids can do that to you!). It's time to do something for myself to get back on track and with a clean slate.

The last time I did this cleanse I didn't have to prepare meals for Noah (and left Rob to his own devices) so I think this time might be a bit more of a struggle. Any kind of meal prep while fasting is no one's friend. But I'm still super excited to do it - the juices taste amazing! Next on the wellness list? Getting back into yoga. Hopefully in the next few weeks, but let's just take it one step at a time, peeps.

what I'm reading: Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. I've been meaning to get my hands on this bad boy for so long, and the time has finally come.

It's by no means a quick read so don't expect a review any time soon, although I will happily make a sweeping statement: this book will change your life. Hey, anyone who writes about the benefits of butter will always be a game-changer. She's also just released The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care. Traditional nutritional and holistic lifestyle advice for modern parents? Count me in! That book is on it's way to my letterbox as we speak.

what I'm wearing: So apparently it's all about leather at the moment which is perfect because I'm all about my Witchery nude shorts and Eska Alikai black skirt.

Although leather + humidity = a very sweaty combo, so if you happen to see me in these aforementioned pieces and its a hot day, I'd recommend you keep your distance.

what I'm wishing for: The Isabel Marant Bettys. Yes, still. 

Last winter I just wasn't sure that they'd be around long enough to justify the investment, but since the latest styles have hit the shelves I've found myself dreaming of them more and more. Now if only I can find the style I liked from last season then I'd be very happy woman. 

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  1. Hello....love this post! I've just finished the Orchard St 3 day cleanse and feel amazing!!! I prepared all the boys meals so I didnt have to look at food....good luck! Love the leathers and Love the Isabels (totally worth the money) xx